"I always thought nobody loved compiling baseball's mesmerizing minutiae more than I did--until I discovered Joe Taxiera's fantastic book...It hasn't been more than six inches from my possession since I got my hands on it...
The greatest baseball record book ever!"
--Jayson Stark, ESPN Broadcast Analyst and Senior Writer, and Author of: Worth the Wait: Tales of the 2008 PhilliesThe Stark Truth...; and other books.

"Your book is great!  I can't believe how much good stuff you have in there...your content is fabulous, and your book has a spot in my main bookcase.  Great, great job!  I Love It!"
--Tim Kurkjian, ESPN Broadcast Analyst and Author of  Is This a Great Game, or What?

"Absolutely OUTSTANDING!...I just find myself picking pages at random and learning something new every time I open the book...I think it truly is the best record book in existence... every baseball fan is going to want to have a copy...you really have something special here...Terrific work you produced!"  
--Marty Lurie, KNBR Radio S.F. Giants pre/post-game show 

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   5-30-2011 Marty Lurie                   4-6-2014 Marty Lurie 
  Giants post-game show               Giants pre-game show         interview (6 minutes)                    interview (6 minutes)

"When I was in San Francisco with the Marlins, I visited with the Giants broadcast team before the game, and they gave me an extra copy of your book, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your work...I marvel at the detail and depth of subjects and history covered in your book...I use it often and keep it in my briefcase and have it handy during every broadcast...It's a constant source of facts, figures and records, and wonderful material...I couldn't imagine being without your book."  
--Dave Van Horne, Miami Marlins Broadcast team & 2011 Baseball HOF Ford C. Frick Award winner

"Joe, your book is exactly as the title states...totally UNIQUE!  There is nothing like it for unearthing fascinating material about baseball.  I am blown away by the amount of great stuff in here.  It is well researched and well organized.  Thank you so much for providing this resource to us! 
--Eric Nadel, Texas Rangers Broadcast team &       2014 Baseball HOF Ford C. Frick Award winner

"Your book is a fabulous resource...I love it!...This is a terrific project and a beautifully laid out book...On behalf of baseball fans everywhere, thanks for all your hard work!...and thanks again for including me in the circle of broadcasters who have received your book!"
--Dave Raymond, MLB.com Broadcast team

"Joe's book is filled with great stuff, easy to use, and well researched.  It's a great resource for me as someone interested in baseball history."
--Dave Flemming, San Francisco Giants Broadcast team
(The Giants broadcasters have kept copies of the book in the radio & TV booths to use as a reference during the 2009-2018 seasons)

Joe Taxiera’s "Unique Look" is an amazing resource for any baseball fan and especially those of us who broadcast baseball for a living. It is a veritable history of the game. The detail is amazing as is the research, especially as it pertains to facts and interesting tidbits that might be a little "off the beaten path." I can’t imagine how much time and effort it must have taken to compile such a complete volume. It was, obviously, a labor of love. Speaking of which, I love the color photos and graphics. More than anything else, I really value the book’s accuracy. If Joe wrote about something, I can take it to the bank on the air! 
--Ken Korach, Oakland Athletics Broadcast team

"Just received A Unique Look at Big League Baseball.  WOWWWW!  Thank you so much!  This will be an indispensable research tool for me, and a book I will return to again and again, not only because of the statistics, but the photos are so compelling!"
--Michael Barkann, Host and Anchor of Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia 

 "I Just received your book yesterday, and have gone through it cover-to-cover.  I LOVE IT!  There were so many fantastic stats & records, it was mind-blowing.  This book is a Seamheads dream and will be within arm's reach for a very long time.  It's a must-have for any baseball fan.  I'll start using is for research for articles in my Seamheads.com site.  Thank you very much for writing this book!"
--Michael Lynch, Founder & President, Seamheads.com 
Quotes & Taped Interviews


2014 - Joe Taxiera (center) with SF Giants Radio Broadcasters
    Dave Flemming (left) and Jon Miller (right) at AT&T Park.                 

"This book is so valuable because its intuitive lay-out makes it faster to use than any other source, including the internet...      The book is more accurate than the internet or other books, too. Thorough research has gone into every single list, many of which are not available anywhere else...And with all of the color images in the book, it's just plain fun to read."
--Trent McCotter, Vice Chairman, SABR Records Committee (Society for American Baseball Research)

"I've been leafing through your massive tome of baseball statistics, and it's even more fun than The Baseball Encyclopedia.  So many great players, so many moments. I don't know where you found the time to put this all together, but it's quite an accomplishment.  Thanks so much."  
--Peter Golenbock, Author of many baseball books, including:  Dynasty: The New York YankeesBallsGeorge (Steinbrenner); In the Country of Brooklyn;        7: The Mickey Mantle Novel; Number 1The Bronx Zoo;
and many others.

"Thanks so much for sending me your book...really fine job, well designed, and lots of little nuggets in there to get us through the hot stove season.  It was nice of you to send it, and I'm really enjoying it...You've got a terrific product!"
--Marty Appel, Public Relations, and Author of many baseball books, including: Now Pitching for the YankeesThurman Munson162-0, The Greatest Wins; and many others.

"Your book is purely addictive!...I'm constantly picking it up, and being an author myself, and a baseball fanatic, I find this book remarkable...Your formatting and use of colors is quite unique amongst baseball books, or any book for that matter...This book makes stats unusually and easily readable...Great job!"
--John Lescroart, New York Times best-selling Author of many crime thriller novels featuring characters Dismas Hardy and Abe Glitsky

"Joe Taxiera's A Unique Look at Big Leage Baseball is one of the richest troves you will find on the national pastime.  Like the feast of Dionysus, it offers an abundant harvest of the most intriguing, most important yet not always well-known baseball information.  From batting streaks to ballpark histories to sabermetrics analyses, this mighty tome includes it all.  There is little left under the sun that would not be found here.  It is simply amazing how Joe has collected this wide swath of brain food for baseball fans.  I look forward to seeing every new edition!"
--Clifton Parker, Author of 2 baseball books     Fouled Away: the Baseball Tragedy of Hack Wilson and Big and Little Poison:  Paul & Lloyd Waner, Baseball Brothers

"I have to say, I was perfectly content with the data sheets and annotations that you sent in the 3 years we received them (2001-2003). They were terrific and we were always very pleased to pore through them.  But this new iteration is "James- (as in Bill) -ean." Just a lightning bolt of baseball knowledge festooned with decorative insight plus all the wonderful stuff that even the most dedicated fan would not know.

I think you are onto something, and you can always count on me to order copies, plural, for the holidays-through-spring-training. At this point, I know a few baseball fans. Great analysis.  Genuinely interesting.  Fresh perspectives.  Solid information.  It was like discovering that there was a heretofore undiscovered color, just waiting to be seen." 
--Doug Wilkins, long-time Giants fan and Author of Wag and the Distant Bums