This all started with a single page of unusual statistics that I created in 2000 and shared with a few friends.          
I never intended to write a book, but as this document gradually grew over the next 7 years, the suggestions from people to get it published grew as well.  In 2008, I started taking the many steps required to accomplish this. 

The 2010 Edition (updated through the 2009 season) wasn't a published book, nor was it for sale.  However, as word spread about my book, I received many requests for the "draft" copy, most of which I had to turn down.                
Included amongst the individuals who received "draft" copies in 2010 were broadcasters from 10 different MLB teams who used it during games in the 2010 season as a reference.  Comments from several of them are included in the Quotes / Reviews page on this site.                                                                                                        
The 2019 PDF/eBook version download will be available directly from the author at NO CHARGE for a limited time only (during the months of May & June).  

The 2019 edition of the paperback book will be available in April 2019.      See:   Contact / Buy   

About the Book


"This book is great!  Joe Taxiera loves statistics as much as I do, and his wonderful book sits prominently in my office."    Tim Kurkjian, ESPN Senior Writer & Broadcast Analyst