This book includes over 500 photographs, and over 100 photographers have provided some of their player and/or ballpark photos for use in my book, including 8 Baseball Stadium websites and the National Baseball Hall of Fame Library.  

Although I've taken over 3,000 ballpark photos myself (including the photo of San Francisco's AT&T Park below), I've only included a small number in this book, as my goal was to include photographs from as many individuals as possible.  

If you would like to submit any of your player or stadium photos, send me an email (Contact Us), letting me know which ballparks or players photos that you'd like me to consider, and confirming that you're the original photographer or copyright holder.  (Note: This photo was taken on May 15, 2009, the 50th birthday of my brother, James Taxiera)

About the Photos


"Your book is exactly as the title states...totally unique!  There is nothing like it for unearthing fascinating material about baseball.  Thank you so much!"
          Eric Nadel, Texas Rangers Broadcaster & 2014 BB HOF Ford C. Frick Award Winner