Joe didn't initially set out to write A Unique Look at Big League Baseball.  The book is an outgrowth of his long-time passion for both baseball and statistics, which led him to study and analyze the sport.

What started as a single page shared among friends in 2000 has become a 414 page book 18 years later.  As the book evolved, and at the prodding of friends and many others knowledgeable in baseball, Joe made the decision to get his book published.  

Although there have been annual editions since 2001 printed in small quantities as a "draft" document, the 2011 edition was the first printing of a published edition available to the general public.

Joe graduated from the University of California, Davis, with a degree in Mass Communications, and he competed in cross country and track while at UCD.  He lives in Davis with his wife, Connie, and has 2 grown children, Mike and Amber.

He has been in computer software sales for the last 20 years and has used his experience in designing layouts to make technical documents more "readable" to good use, as can be seen in the variety of layouts throughout A Unique Look at Big League Baseball.

Joe also has countless "action" photos of himself with statues worldwide...
About Joe Taxiera