A Unique Look at Big League Baseball is a culmination of 15 years of personal research done by Joe Taxiera, with information & data gathered from over 1,000 sources.  The layouts, formatting, and many of the statistics are uniquely created by Joe Taxiera, making it a very "readable" and easy-to-use reference book.          
Prior to the book's official release in 2011, several baseball broadcasters found out about the book and started using unpublished versions (provided by the author) as a reference book during MLB games.              
The 2011 first edition (updated through 2010) was released in 2 print versions: "Broadcaster's Edition"  (with 12 tabs), and "Clubhouse Edition" (no tabs).  During the 2011-2012 seasons, several broadcasters from ESPN and 16 different MLB teams used this book as a reference.

The 2013 edition, in a printed paperback version and two eBook versions, was used by broadcasters from 21 different MLB teams, as well as others from ESPN, MLB.com, Comcast Sports, baseball sportswriters, etc.  The version labeled as the "Broadcaster's Edition" was only available to these broadcasters.

The 2014 Broadcaster's Edition, an 8.5" x 11" paperback, will still be available for a limited time.

The 2015 Broadcaster's Edition is now available        as a PDF eBook and a paperback.   


"I keep Joe Taxiera's fantastic book within easy reach...it's the greatest baseball record book ever!"               Jayson Stark, ESPN Senior Writer & Broadcast Analyst
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